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PaperdragonArt.com, features the portfolio of Lyla Paakkanen. The name Paper Dragon came from a series of early paintings and drawings and an original children's play called "Paper Dragon" performed at the Los Angeles Children's Museum and at California State University, Northridge Art Gallery.

The dragon image started as part of a series of shapes on kimono image drawings. As the kimono shapes changed from flat shapes, to the idea of flowing images of fabric with the dragon design on it, the dragon design on the kimono appeared and disappeared into the folds of a screen format. Soon the dragon image took precedence over the kimono image. The images were still executed on paper, but they were painted with acrylics and the size grew to become large paintings on canvas screens. The largest one was six feet by eighteen feet that was painted for a children's musical that I wrote. Some of the smaller screens are viewable in the "Paintings" page.

This site features character and concept designs, illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator, paintings and Photoshop compositions. GinkoGecko is a sister-site that concentrated on logos and web design. Sites that I have designed are Dream Fun Travel, Nu Freedom, De la Cerda Associates and Life Serenity Prosperity sites, as well as this site and the GinkoGecko.com sites that I’ve now designed to interact with multiple devices.

Recently I've put up a little blog with thoughts about the projects that I’ve been working on. The gaming start-up group that I've had been working with, Just Ice Cold Creative Group, has folded. There was a lot of wonderful talent with that group and some good ideas, but it just didn’t last. Initially, the characters that I did for the group, was done for the unrealized RPG game, Pandora's Tomorrow, but it had changed several times and folks kind of dropped out of it.

The page that was titled "Things that I’m Doing" is now the blog, "thoughts". I've kept the old Flash version of the site online but it is only available here

Painting and drawing has always been my initial calling, although I love working in Illustrator and Photoshop to create new images.Working out ideas are sometimes easier with my Wacom tablet and SketchBook Pro. Sometimes the ideas come into my head faster than I can illustrate them. I try to sketch them down while they are fresh in my mind. Other times I'm stuck as to how to resolve a new idea and then I resort to simple sketches, sketches with good o'l paper and pencil.It always feels good to get back to basics.